Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Need a Little Help...

I need the following TCU Defensive film if anybody can help out:

2005 - Oklahoma, SMU, Utah, BYU (Whole Game), Air Force
2006 - UC Davis, Utah, Army, Wyoming, UNLV, UNM, SDSU, CSU, Air Force, N. Illinois
2007 - Utah, UNM, BYU, UNLV, SDSU, Houston
2008 - SMU, SDSU, CSU, BYU, Wyoming, UNLV, Utah, Air Force
2010 - Baylor

Shoot me an email at gunrun73@gmail.com if you can be of help.  I have a bunch of 2016 film I can trade.

Brophy talked me into doing an interview with Michael Hoglund at XO Wizard and I am really glad he did.  It really helped me to reflect about my coaching philosophy in building a football program.  Here is the link to the interview: How We Coach - Barry Hoover, Vernon HS.  There are also interviews with other great coaches like Matthew Brophy, Charlie Means, Brett Dudley, and others.

Be sure to follow Michael on Twitter at @XOWizard.  He also has a playbook app available on his site at xowizard.com.  

I have some clinic notes I have been meaning to post for a while and will get those up here after Spring football.