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DL Stunts - Part 3

Here is Part 3 of the DL Stunts series.  Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2.  Part 1 dealt primarily with stunts between the two DTs, Part 2 dealt primarily with stunts between the DT and the DE and Part 3 will deal with stunts that affect at least 3 of the 4 defensive linemen.  We will look at the Pirate, Loop, Slash, Pinch, and Hi-Lo stunts.

Pirate from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Gators) – If you set the front to the boundary, the Corner blitz with the Pirate call is nasty.  The 5 tech slants inside the OT and makes the tackle.
Clip 2 (Giants) – 3 tech and 5 tech slant inside and the 1 tech steps up and sees that it is a pass and loops around for Pass Rush Contain.  3 tech makes Sack.
Clip 3 (Steelers) – You can also run this stunt from an Odd Front look if you want.  The 4 tech and 9 tech slant inside and the 1 tech checks run first and then loops around for Pass Rush Contain.  9 tech makes the Sack and the 1 tech helps.
Clip 4 (Gators) – Another Corner blitz with a Pirate call.  The 3 tech and 5 tech do great job with Ricochet technique and re-direct vs Run Away.  The blitzing Corner and 5 tech make the tackle.
Clip 5 (Giants) – You could use a Pirate call to tell only the strong side of the DL to slant inside with a blitzing Safety off the edge.  Both the 3 and 6 tech get penetration into the backfield and blow the play up.
Clip 6 (Giants) – 5 tech makes the tackle from the backside of the play.
Clip 7 (Bears) – 3 tech crosses the Center blocking back and almost makes the Tackle for Loss.  The 5 tech’s wide alignment makes it difficult to slant to the B gap but he is able to squeeze the hole.  An important coaching point for the Pirate stunt is for the LB to that side to Scrape over the top to C gap.

Loop from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Colts) – The left DT in the wide 3 tech will take 2 quick steps into his gap and then loop to the far right outside the 1 tech and the 9 tech.  The 9 tech is Dwight Freeney who executes his patented Spin move inside.  The looper and the backside DE make the Sack.
Clip 2 (LSU) – The right DT in the 3 tech will take a step into his gap and loop around to the left side.  The left DE and DT don’t really slant inside but bull rushes their OL and are responsible for the gap inside of him.  The engaged Ol will not be able to come off to block the looper.
Clip 3 (Colts) – This play has a 5 man rush and has a DE as the looper instead of a DT.  The left DE in a wide 5 tech is the looper.  The NT and the blitzing LB (tight 5 tech) will slant inside.  The DE is in a wide 9 tech and will execute a speed rush upfield and get the Sack.
Clip 4 (Texas A & M) – This is a good look at how the Loop stunt is also effective vs. the Run.  From an Odd Front, the right DE in a 4 tech will loop past the NT and the left DE.  The looper has a clean look at the RB once he gets past the two slanting DL.  He must come tight off these two DL to not open up a crease for the RB, much a LB would on his Scrape technique.

Slash from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Packers) – Great call here vs Stretch with the OLB getting vertical and forcing the ball back inside to the DL who are already slanting in that direction.
Clip 2 (N.C. St.) – ROLB comes off edge unblocked and DL slanting are able to get penetration into the backfield.
Clip 3 (LSU) – RG slides a bit too far inside to be able to block the LDE slanting inside to the B gap.
Clip 4 (Oklahoma) – This is the infamous Lightning blitz from the Under front with the SS blitzing off the edge and the Sam and DL slanting away.  Watch the 1 tech and the LDT (wide 3 tech) slant and quickly re-direct with the run away from them.
Clip 5 (Miss. St.) – A popular call used in conjunction with slanting the DL is to bring the boundary CB off the edge.  The DL do not re-direct immediately like the last clip but they are still able to change direction and get in on the tackle.

Pinch from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Giants) – The two wide 5 techs will pinch inside to the B gap but they use two slightly different techniques.  The RDE attacks the hip of the OT and then quickly slants inside.  I prefer the technique of the LDE, who will aim the hip of the OT and run through him.  This helps to better engage the OT and prevent him from coming off to block the outside rusher.  The blitz look is effective as the LBs threaten the blitz inside and then pop out and the pressure comes from the outside.
Clip 2 (Patriots) – This has the same blitz look as the last clip and is one of my all-time favorite cut-ups.  The DEs attack the hip of the OT and the two outside rushers smash the QB.  That had to hurt!
Clip 3 (Steelers) – Here is Pinch from a 4 man front.  Nice acceleration and tomahawk technique by Troy Polamalu on the strip-sack.

Hi-Lo from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Steelers) – I already did a post on this stunt here to read on the Hi-Lo Stunt.  The LOLB will execute an inside move on his OT and the ROLB will execute a speed rush upfield past the Offensive Tackle and come all the way back around to hit the QB.  Strip-Sacks are often an added bonus to this stunt as the QB rarely sees the rusher coming from deep behind him.  Good technique on the fumble recovery too.
Clip 2 (Giants) – The LDE comes inside the OT while the RDE comes around to get him from behind.
Clip 3 (Dolphins) – The LDE comes inside his OT and the RDE comes around behind him and finally runs the QB down.  Many teams that run the Hi-Lo like to force the QB to run to his left because it is a harder throw for a right-handed QB.  Also, teams will do it and force a faster QB to scramble into the boundary.
Clip 4 (Panthers) – Julius Peppers is the LDE and he will get a lot of attention from the QB when he makes an inside move.  Very nice dip and rip move by the RDE on his speed rush.

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