Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Practice Segment Timer

Many high school and colleges are finding a way to make practice time more efficient with the Practice Segment Timer.  I have created a .mp3 file that acts as a practice segment timer that you use by connecting your phone or .mp3 player to a speaker.  A horn goes off every five minutes.  It works like this:

HORN, followed by "Period 1!"
(After 3 minutes) - Two short beeps that act as a two-minute warning for the end of the period.
(After 5 minutes) - HORN, followed by "Period 2!"
(Repeat for up to 4 hours)

I am selling the .mp3 files for $20.  The first .mp3 file has the beeps and the second one does not.
To purchase, you can pay the following ways:

Venmo to @Barry-Hoover-5 (please let me know your email as well)

Zelle to (please let me know your email as well)

You can also click on the button below and then click on Open Bag to check-out.  ***Be sure to type your name and then your name on credit card exactly the same:

I will email you the link to download the .mp3 files after purchase.  
If you have any questions, email me at


“What if a simple $20 purchase can make your practices more efficient and time effective than ever before?

Well that is all it takes to have a practice segment timer.  These are incredibly beneficial and will keep your practices moving fast and you will get more done in less time than ever before.  We have gone to 5 minute segments at all practices and with out a $1,000 + dollar segment timer at our disposal we thought we could just have a student with a stopwatch and a whistle keep us on track, but something always got messed up.  If a student manager didn't show up, or messed up one time all of practice was messed up.  Plus there was no way of knowing when you were close to ending a segment…This is a great value because we just hit play once and our entire practice is taken care of.”

Brett Dudley

"I am currently the Head Coach at a small school in Missouri.  We are very limited with resources.  When I came across Coach Hoover's site and ordered his Practice Segment Timer, practice was soon to be better.  We have a limited staff, so we have to be super efficient in our preparation...this timer allows for us to COACH, without having to stare at a wristwatch or worry about some freshman volunteer keeping the time for us.  We use an extension cord and my CD player from the house. One time we used the stereo in one of my Linebacker's truck.  Love it.

Thanks Coach Hoover!!!!!
Just press ‘PLAY’!!!"

Arlen Pixley, Head Coach
New Madrid County Central (MO)

"Coach Hoover's practice segment timer really makes it easy to keep track of practice time and organization - it made it easy for one of our managers to stay on top of it at all times. Barry's customer service on getting it out quickly was outstanding as well!"

Rick Sutton, Head Coach
Eagan HS (MN)

"We used the practice timer every day for our varsity and JV teams.  We hooked it up to a huge stereo system and broadcast it across the entire practice facility.  Every practice started and ended on time.  Every period was organized and assitant coaches knew they had to get their drills and coaching points in before that horn blew.  There was no more.....  'Just one more rep' or 'Give me two more minutes.'  We as coaches preach and hold kids accountable for everything, the practice timer held us as coaches accountable to our schedule.  As a direct result, our Varsity team went back to the Sectional Championship game for the first time in 9 years.  Our JV team was undefeated and won by an average of 28 points.  That thing is the best.... we have spent thousands on sleds.... pads....  equipment...   We have not made a better investment in teaching kids than the practice timer.
Thank you Coach Hoover!"

Ken Barger, Assistant Coach
Archbishop Stepinac HS (NY) 

"We used it everyday and it made our practices so much better.  Thanks again!"

Chris Parker, Head Coach
Halls HS (TN)

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