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DL Stunts - Part 2

Part 2 of the Defensive Line Stunts series will look at stunts where the Defensive Tackle works in tandem with the Defensive End.  DL Stunts - Part 1 looked at stunts with just the Defensive Tackles.  Blitzes and Fire Zones are great for applying pressure, but the easiest and safest way to get pressure is from the guys up front.  It is nice to be able to play your favorite coverage on 3rd and Long and still get pressure from the front 4.  If a defense can do that, it has an opportunity to be great on 3rd Down.

Stunts are also important for stopping the run and for giving smaller, quicker defenders a better chance to be successful.  Former Florida Co-DC and DL Coach Greg Mattison talked about giving his defensive linemen a 3-way go.  A right defensive end could attack the offensive tackle in three ways: 1) slant inside him, 2) run through him, or 3) jet upfield right past him.  Using all three techniques keeps the offensive lineman off-balance and gives the defensive lineman his best chance for success.

3-Way Go
The stunts I will talk about are Ex, Tex (and Dbl Tex), Veer, Spear, and Watch Me.  Ex and Tex are great vs. the pass or run.  Veer and Spear are primarily run stunts, although they still work vs. the Pass.  The Veer has its origins as a stunt to stop Inside Veer, and Spear is a Greg Mattison stunt that is very similar.  Watch Me is a pass rush stunt all the way designed to give your best pass rusher the freedom to do his thing.

Ex from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Giants) – Right DE takes a step upfield, slams the Guard, then comes off and makes the sack.
Clip 2 (Jets) – Right DT hesitates and lets DE slam the Guard.  The Tackle turns inside just enough to cause him to be too late in trying to block the DT, who makes the sack.
Clip 3 (Giants) – Ex can also be run with a 1 tech NT.  DE slams Guard and gets in QB's face.  OT chases DE too far, allowing NT to come around free.
Clip 4 (Giants) – DE one step upfield then moves quickly inside but does not slam Guard.  He could not slam the Guard since he slid inside, leaving a nice lane for the DE to pressure the QB.

Tex from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Steelers) – DT takes a step upfield and slams the Tackle.  The Guard chases the DT and chases him too far outside to block the DE who comes inside for the sack.
Clip 2 (Gators) – DE takes two steps upfield and then come inside.  The Guard is locked on the DT and never touches the DE who makes the sack.
Clip 3 (Cowboys) – The 1 tech NT looks to slam the Guard, who slides away so the DT gets pressure on the QB.  The Center locks onto the NT and does not see the DE come inside.
Clip 4 (Dolphins) – don't think this was Tex, just the DE seeing an opening to the QB and running to daylight.
Clip 5 (Miss. St.) – Tex stunt allows DE to come free inside to tackle RB on Draw.
Clip 6 (Giants) – Tex Ex – Tex on the left, Ex on the right.  The Guard turned outside with the DT and the DE sped right past him inside for the strip sack.

Dbl Tex
Clip 1 (Giants) – Left DT could have done a better job taking a step upfield first, but he makes up for it with a great swim move inside the Tackle to sack QB.
Clips 2, 3 (Broncos, TCU) – Guard too aggressive blocking DT and doesn't see DE come inside.

Veer from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Gators) – Right DE to 1 tech side takes a step inside and then quickly re-directs.  Current Michigan DC Greg Matteson did a tremendous job at Florida of teaching his DL to read the OL that you are slanting away from.
Clip 2 (Giants) – Tackle thought he had an easy base block on Iso play but DE blew by him inside to wreck the play.
Clip 3 (Gators) – Veer stunt pressures the RB who tries to cut all the way back on zone play to Sam LB and SS.  Good job by Sam LB of squeezing OT and not leaving a crease.
Clip 4 (Gators) – DE re-directs and causes RB to cut back inside to pursuit.
Clip 5 (Ravens) – A quick DE is deadly on this stunt.
Clip 6 (Giants) – DE able to re-direct, but not quickly enough to catch RB.  LB must scrape quicker over top.

Spear from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Clip 1 (Gators) – good stunt vs. Power with DE working quickly inside of FB's block to make tackle.  DT in good shape outside to make tackle as well.
Clip 2 (Gators) – DE aims at hip of Tackle, works inside and runs to daylight to pressure QB.  This is the gruesome play where the Bama WR tore his knee up.

Clip 1 (Cowboys) – if you have a fast DE who has a knack for getting to the QB and working inside when the Tackle sets too far outside, this is a great stunt to give him the freedom to get the QB and not have to worry about pass rush Contain.
Clip 2 (Steelers) – DT does a good job of getting outside when the DE works inside, allowing DE to make a big hit on QB.
Clip 3 (Seahawks) – DT sees DE come inside and seamlessly works outside for pass rush Contain to get the sack.
Clip 4 (Eagles) – The DE worked inside and the DT worked outside and both got to QB.
Clips 5, 6 (Colts) – The Colts used this call to give Dwight Freeney the freedom to use  his devastating spin move.

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