Friday, June 17, 2011

Levels - part 2

I didn't go into the Trips variations with the Levels concept in my last post, so here are some notes on Levels that I took at a clinic from former Florida QB Coach Scot Loeffler.  The numbers underneath the WRs in the first drawing represent the WR splits from the OT:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Levels is one of the very best pass plays to attack the Cover 2 pass defense.  Smash (Hitch by the #1 outside WR and Corner by #2) is most people's weapon of choice vs. Cover 2, but Levels has a shorter and easier throw than Smash and the Dig route to the field has better leverage on the hash safety than a Corner route does.  Safety Leverage is one of the most underrated aspects of the passing game IMO.  Also, on Levels your QB is reading the OLB vs. Smash where he is reading the CB, who is generally the defense's quickest and best pass defender.  Smash can be dangerous vs. a CB who is good enough to play both the Hitch and the Corner route.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Organized

Whew!  I have finally finished organizing all of my football files.  Back in the day, all I had on my old website were the files, but these were neglected those a bit after I started with the blog format and the kids were born.  

The site as it first looked in 2007

Let me give a bit of a background on the site.  I had to create a lot of files and forms in my first coaching job down in south Florida at Deerfield Beach H.S. as somewhat of a "Administrative Assistant" to the Head Coach (fancy way of saying secretary, lol).  This experience proved beneficial as I was able to help people on Coach Huey who were looking for a practice schedule or any kind of form.  Also, once I first got on Huey, there was an information overload with playbooks and all of the files that coaches shared on the site.  I was becoming a coach who had a million files on my flash drive but couldn't find anything, so I knew I had to get more organized.