Friday, June 17, 2011

Levels - part 2

I didn't go into the Trips variations with the Levels concept in my last post, so here are some notes on Levels that I took at a clinic from former Florida QB Coach Scot Loeffler.  The numbers underneath the WRs in the first drawing represent the WR splits from the OT:

Here is Levels vs. Cover 3.  It is similar to Double Slants in that it is not a great play vs. Cover 3 because the routes are running right into the underneath coverage.

Levels can be run out of Trips, too.  The first variation is with #3 on a Seam route.  The QB should peek at the Seam route first and then read the Sam LB.

Below is the most common way that teams run Levels out of Trips.  The QB will now read the Mike LB to throw to the Dig or the 5 yard In route and then the 5 yard In route by Z will be the third option.

Alright, I'm taking off on vacation for real this time.  Here's more film:

Levels - Dubs and Trips from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

There is some good information here on a variety of topics: X and O Labs.

Deuce with Off-Season...Summer Workouts.

Spacing article by Jim Jackson from Southern Illinois here.

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