Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Organized

Whew!  I have finally finished organizing all of my football files.  Back in the day, all I had on my old website were the files, but these were neglected those a bit after I started with the blog format and the kids were born.  

The site as it first looked in 2007

Let me give a bit of a background on the site.  I had to create a lot of files and forms in my first coaching job down in south Florida at Deerfield Beach H.S. as somewhat of a "Administrative Assistant" to the Head Coach (fancy way of saying secretary, lol).  This experience proved beneficial as I was able to help people on Coach Huey who were looking for a practice schedule or any kind of form.  Also, once I first got on Huey, there was an information overload with playbooks and all of the files that coaches shared on the site.  I was becoming a coach who had a million files on my flash drive but couldn't find anything, so I knew I had to get more organized.

Voila!  The website was born.  As I ran out of room to store files, I eventually had files scattered about on four different websites, which was a pain in the butt.  There were well over a hundred pages on the old site, which was a pain too.  Blogspot allows ten additional pages, which isn't a lot, so I used Google Docs to help get my site organized.  Most of the page links now are links to those Google Docs folders.  It isn't as fancy looking as the old site but it is much more efficient.

I re-arranged many of the pages on the site.  The Forms folder was a disorganized mess and it has went through a major renovation.  It has now been split up into nine sub-folders.  Also, some of the files have been renamed and some have been tossed out.  Many of the old links that did not work any longer have been removed.  Anyways, hope you find the new organization of the site helpful.  If any of you have any good football files or forms that you would like to share with others, send me an email at

Point - counterpoint.  Coach Iannucci at the Three Back Option makes a very good case against KISS here.

Brophy getting back to coverage fundamentals here.

Coach Allam showing a couple of new Oklahoma St. "Diamond" Formation plays.

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