Friday, May 27, 2011

How Much to Install?

As a firm believer in KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) philosophy, I liked this article by Alan from The Press Box Analysis talking about why Less is More with regards to playbooks.

Chris from Smart Football with Why Every Team Should Install its Offense in Three Days.  The Air Raid offense is really tremendous from the standpoint of having as few plays as possible to attack every area of the field and to complement the other plays in its system.

Tony Demeo article on Installing an Offense - Year One

A good article on the methods of memorizing playbooks by NFL players here.

Eric Winston, Houston Texans OT, had a good quote in this ESPN article about the size of playbooks:

"I've always wondered why coaches preach 'execution, execution, execution' and have 500-page playbooks. It's hard for those things to coexist."

Also, I am working on revamping the site and updating all of the files (long overdue).


Deuce with Defense...The BasicsHe also talks about some good ideas in installing a defense.

The Press Box Analysis with good quotes from college coaches in his article What's the No. 1 stat that separates winners and losers in CFB?.

Coach B Dud with OL videos here. 

Football Coach Academy with 7 Elements Important to Building a Successful Program by Bob Stoops.

Brophy with the hook-up:  Bama post with Nick Saban's 2009 defensive playbook.

Blitzology with Blitz of the Week #17. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Steve Mariucci - QB Play - Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder

Steve Mariucci goes over some QB drills with Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder.  He has some good points about throwing on the run.  Also, he gets both QBs on the chalkboard and has them explain some pass concepts.

Friday, May 13, 2011

3-5 Resources

I've got the 2008 GMC (Georgia Military College) playbook files for all you us 3-5 guys.  Actually, I have to include myself now because our DC is switching to the 3-5 this year as well.  For all you tekkies, google docs has a sweet new deal where you can upload an entire folder at once:


Here is the folder link as well as some other 3-5 resources to check out:

Coach B Dud - Running the 3-5 Defense  - Excellent article.  The easiest system I have seen for naming blitzes with the 3-5.

Hit 'Em Hard - 3-5-3 Basics3-5 Defense Run Fits - Coach Hjorth has a good intro to the 3-5 with more articles to come soon with LB Reads, Blitzes, and Coverages. 

LB Keys in the Odd Stack Defense - William Mitchell - Brunswick HS (GA) - good article about LB Reads vs. I formation, Wing-T / Dbl Wingbacks, and Spread.

Coach - many great coaches on here that know a lot about the 3-5 and everything else that you might need.

Also, our HC is looking for some Bellevue (WA) Wing-T cut-ups. Email me at if you would be willing to trade.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


My friend has contributed another article:

It is a pleasure to be back on the world famous Coach Hoover blog. Today, I’m going to share another concept I learned from the Urban Meyer/Dan Mullen offense. I am not 100% sure of where it came from, but I was once told a story about this awesome play that they called “Houston.” Rumor has it that it was taken from the Minnesota Vikings with the primary purpose of beating Quarters. Ok, well that’s pretty much it for my story. I have made a few adjustments to the original concept, and overall it has been good for me. I view it as a multi-purpose zone coverage beater. It is OK against man, but not my favorite call. In this article, I will explain the Houston concept as a drop-back pass, show you how it can be effective against different coverages, and then show a few different play-action variations.

Below is the basic play out of a 3 x 1 formation.