Friday, May 13, 2011

3-5 Resources

I've got the 2008 GMC (Georgia Military College) playbook files for all you us 3-5 guys.  Actually, I have to include myself now because our DC is switching to the 3-5 this year as well.  For all you tekkies, google docs has a sweet new deal where you can upload an entire folder at once:


Here is the folder link as well as some other 3-5 resources to check out:

Coach B Dud - Running the 3-5 Defense  - Excellent article.  The easiest system I have seen for naming blitzes with the 3-5.

Hit 'Em Hard - 3-5-3 Basics3-5 Defense Run Fits - Coach Hjorth has a good intro to the 3-5 with more articles to come soon with LB Reads, Blitzes, and Coverages. 

LB Keys in the Odd Stack Defense - William Mitchell - Brunswick HS (GA) - good article about LB Reads vs. I formation, Wing-T / Dbl Wingbacks, and Spread.

Coach - many great coaches on here that know a lot about the 3-5 and everything else that you might need.

Also, our HC is looking for some Bellevue (WA) Wing-T cut-ups. Email me at if you would be willing to trade.

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