Monday, October 3, 2011

RB Tire Juke Drill

The Tire Juke Drill is one of my favorite RB drills in that teaches a valuable skill and is fun to do.  The juke move requires a back to be able to plant and accelerate once and then again in the opposite direction to lose a defender or "break his ankles" as the younger generation like to say.  This requires the core strength to keep the RB's body weight balanced and the core strength and explosive calf strength to accelerate on his first step.  Like I said before, all great backs, big and small, have one thing in common: quick feet.  Rudi Johnson was a big back but he moved his feet exceptionally well for his size as you will see on the video.

One coaching point is to make sure you have plenty of time and enough bodies to do the drill.  It's more of an off-season drill for that reason, but I still like to use it on occasion during the season to break up the normal routine.  If you have a fence or a wall on one side, you can get away with not having as many bodies.   Also, make sure your players are rolling the tires fast enough or the drill won't be very effective.


  1. Coach,

    Could you redo/re-post the videos of the RB Doom Drill and the RB Spin Drill posts that you put up on Brophy's site.

    These RB drill post are excellent!!!

    Thanks for the information!

  2. Power,
    Glad you liked the drills. I will get those up soon as we are done with our season in two more weeks.