Friday, March 25, 2011

2010 AFCA Convention (Orlando, FL) Notes

Here are the speakers and topics:

Josh Heupel - Oklahoma - QB Play
Decent talk, but everybody in the Big 12 was there and he wasn't going to give out anything too good.

Brandon Doman - BYU - QB Play
I liked listening to him a lot and how he described reads on Shallow and its variations.

Rod Olson - Coaches of Excellence - Motivating the 21st Century Athlete
I have to re-do my paper on Coaching Styles and Motivation because I got a lot of great info from Coach O.

Joey Wiles - St. Augustine H.S. (FL) - Defending Multiple Formations with Quarters
Good, but I would have liked more X's and O's.

Jim Kunau - Orange Lutheran H.S. (CA) - Building Champions for Life
Some good info about building a program and getting the best from your players.

Taver Johnson - Ohio St. - DB Play
Very good DB fundamentals and drills.

Vic Shealy - Kansas - DB Play
Maybe my favorite speaker.  I really liked the WR tendencies he talked about (being on/off the ball) and using that info to adjust coverages.

B.J. Anderson - Houston - Pass Protection
He was great about answering my questions (why you must sit in the front row for any clinic or talk).  I got a lot of information from him about half-man, half-slide protection vs. different fronts.

Ashley Ingram - Navy - Navy Offense
I liked how he talked about watching film to make sure you are getting 1 and 1/2 steps with your motion man (more than that - gives defense too much time to adjust).

Here is the link:

I try to write fast, so let me know if you have any questions or comments on the notes. 

Football Coach Academy had a great website link here: Hoop Thoughts.  Bob Starkey, the LSU Women's Basketball Coach, has a ton of leadership info on his blog posts, with much of his material from football coaches.

Coach Chris Brown (not the Chris Brown from as I recently learned) has a lot of great football videos and links on his facebook page here.

Brophy has Noel Mazzone Arizona State cut-ups on 2 and 3 man Snag here.

Strong Football by Coach CP on 4-3 DL Play here.


  1. Coach Hoover,

    That facebook page by Coach Chris Brown is great, but sadly I can't take credit for it -- it's not me. Though he does have good taste in both football content and names.

    Keep up the great work. Would love to see more detailed notes on the clinic talks too. Best,


  2. That would be me guys... I have to say... my FB page is merely a compilation of blogs... a one stop shop if you will to bring more readers to your pages. I must say, I enjoy reading and studying everyones thoughts, findings and research. So thank you for all you guys do!