Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teaching Videos

Something I highly recommend doing is creating teaching videos for your position group.  These clips are from the 2007 season when I coached WRs for a team that did not throw the ball that much, but we took a lot of pride in our blocking (most of our passing highlights weren't even from our WRs, they were from our TE).  It takes a bit of work to create a highlight video for your position but the task is made easier with programs like Hudl.  You tag the plays you want and then you can add some music if you like.  It helps to reinforce the effort and performance we are looking for and it gives younger players entering into your football program something to reference and strive for.

Here is a WR coach with a whole lot of Big Plays in this great video.  Thanks to Dub Maddox for allowing me to share:


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