Thursday, April 19, 2012

RB Boom Drill

Boom, sucka!

The off-arm is an under-utilized weapon for the RB. Most RBs know how to use the stiff-arm to keep a defender away from them; however once the defender is right on the RB, the Boom Drill is what we want our RBs to use to help them to run over the defender or break the tackle.  We teach our RBs to use this right upon contact or immediately after contact to help gain separation from the defender trying to tackle them.

The Boom helps to lift a defender's center of gravity so the RB can run through him or at least gain extra yards after contact.  It is a very violent and explosive move by the RB; especially the Marion Barber clip vs. Alabama at the very end of the video.  It happens so fast, that even though I slowed it way down, you can still barely see it.  He attacks the defender with his shoulder initially, and then Booms him with his off-arm.

RB Boom Drill from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

I have been getting many requests to share documents.  If anyone wants to share any of my Google docs with someone else, just send the page link to whoever you want.

BIG shout out to msnyder on the Huey board for this list of RB Drills on youtube:

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  1. Coach, is this video available somewhere else? Apparently I can't watch it in Europe


  2. Coach, email me at

  3. Coach I know i'm way late to the party, but I also can not see the video. Love your work, and heard about your list of RB fundamentals and drills on smart football.

  4. Jackt, thanks for the heads up. Fixed it.