Monday, September 19, 2011

RB Quickness and Agility Drills

There are many different types of running styles, but all great backs have one trait in common: quick feet.  These quickness and agility drills should be a priority for the RB Coach.  A key coaching point for any agility drill is for the athlete to have a low center of gravity.  This allows the RB to be able to change direction quickly.  Good core strength and explosive calf strength also allows a RB to stick his foot in the ground and make a cut and accelerate quickly (see the cut on the run beginning at the 4:19 mark). 

Ball Security is priority number one for the RB Coach, and it is crucial to emphasize these fundamentals as the RBs do these drills.  It is a common mistake for younger RBs to forget Ball Security when they are doing footwork drills, so coaches must stay on top of them to help them to improve their awareness of securing the football properly at all times.

There are some other moves being executed by the RBs in this video (jukes and spins), but having quick feet allows a RB to effectively execute all of these moves.

Also, this Barry Sanders guy is worth taking a look at too:

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  1. Nice.. I like the B Sanders video.. I have my son working with an agility ladder now.