Friday, December 30, 2016

Hook and Lateral

The Hook and Lateral play by the Miami Dolphins vs. the San Diego Chargers in their 1981 playoff game is one of the greatest plays from one of the greatest games in NFL playoff history. Check out the old-school three-point stance by the inside WR on the play.  Unfortunately, his is not the worst WR stance—look at the stance and false step of the WR at the top of the screen):

Twenty-six years later, in the Fiesta Bowl on January 2, 2007, the Hook and Lateral play resurfaced again as Boise St. shocked the world in its epic upset of Oklahoma, and this play also became part of one of the greatest bowl games in college football history.  The game was tied and Boise St. had the ball with under two minutes remaining looking to pull off the upset until Oklahoma ran back an interception 33 yards for a TD with 1:07 left that seemed to crush all hope.  Boise St. faced a 4th-and-18, down by 7 with seven seconds left at the 50-yard line when destiny called upon this play once again...

Here is Chris Peterson and Boise State's version of the Hook and Lateral play:

Hook & Lateral (Boise St.) from Barry Hoover on Vimeo.

Here are the other two trick plays used by Chris Peterson and Boise State:

Good coaching points here on the Cage Drill for Screen passes by Coach B Dud:

Deuce talks about Buckwheat, Alfalfa, and the Sprint-Out Passing Game from the Flexbone:

Coach Allam talks about Darrin Slack principles for his QBs throwing the Quick Game:

Football Coach Academy talking about Mike Leach's Offensive Philosophy:

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