Monday, January 3, 2011

4-3 vs. the Oregon Spread - Fire Zones and Blitzes

I cut up all the Fire Zones and Blitzes vs. Oregon from the Boise St., Arizona, and USC games from last year.  I don't have time to diagram and talk about each and every blitz right now, but I will try to get more in-depth analysis at a later time.  Meanwhile, make sure to check out Blitzology's blog, which is back rocking and rolling again if you want to learn about the science of getting after the QB.  Some of the blitzes were ran from more than one front and I named these blitzes without naming all of the fronts as I made the video, so I hope the nomenclature police doesn't get after me too bad. 

The next post on the 4-3 Defense vs. the Oregon Spread will be on LB/Nickel play on Wednesday, Jan. 5, and it will have a full-length article to go along with the video.

Fire Zones and Blitzes
1.  Nod 3 Fire (Nickel - D gap)
2.  Bench Wanda 3 Fire (Will and Nickel)
3.  Nickel Over Cowboy 3 Fire (Corner)
4.  Odd Cow 3 Fire (Corner and Will)
5.  Bench Wham 3 Fire (Will and Mike)
6.  Bench Wham Twist 3 Fire (Will and Mike Twist)
7.  Mac 4 (Mike - A gap)
8.  Bench Nod 0 (Nickel - D gap)
9.  Bench Nod 6
10.  Bear Nam 3 Fire (Nickel and Mike)
11.  Wood 3 Fire (Will - D gap)
12.  Over Wolf 3 Fire (Will and FS)
13.  Bear Mac/Mob 3 Fire (Mike - A/B gap)
14.  Field Wolf 0 (Will and FS)
15.  Zone Blitz - LB Mistake - Bad Aiming Point

4-3 vs. the Oregon Spread - schedule of posts
Jan 1 - DL Play
Jan 3 - Zone Blitzes
Jan 5 - LB Play
Jan 7 - Defending Bash and Midline
Jan 9 - DB Play and Coverage Fundamentals
Jan 10 - (National Championship Game - Oregon vs. Auburn - 8:30 pm)

After the National Championship game, I will have an outstanding series of articles and videos with some terrific guest writers that Brophy talked about in his blog recently.

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