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4-3 vs. the Oregon Spread - DB Play / Coverage Fundamentals


Chris Vasseur will write this piece at a later date, but I wanted to add a couple of diagrams to go with the video.  The FS destroying the QB on the Gun Triple Option is a beautiful thing, as you will see when you watch the cut-ups.  However, it is a bit susceptible to Play-Action as you will also see.

Quarters vs. Gun Triple Option

Quarters vs. Play-Action


Post-snap #1: FS must honor the threat of the run and he bites hard on the Play-Action fake.

Post-snap #2:  The spacing in the diagram is good, but in the cut-up, the #3 WR for Oregon did not work to the opposite hash to stress the SS who is trying to midpoint and cover both  the #2 and #3 WRs.  Oregon completed this pass despite the fact that both WRs were in the same area.  The Oregon passing game is much improved this year and Chip Kelly will be looking for similar big play opportunities in the Play-Action game to exploit the Auburn safeties when they get too nosy against the run.

Here are the cut-ups:

DB Play
1.  Quarters Safety - Primary Force and Handle Gap Exchange
2.  Quarters Safety - Primary Force, CB - Secondary Force - Keep Outside Leverage
3.  Crack Replace
4.  vs. Cut Block
5.  Safety Mistakes - Slow Read / Poor Read
6.  CB Mistake - Keep Outside Leverage vs. Run

Coverage Fundamentals and Mistakes
1.  Quarters Coverage - Safety Conflict vs. Play-Action
2.  Qtrs Mistake - CB Cannot Expect Safety Help vs. Play-Action.  He Must Stay on Top of
     Post Route.
3.  Qtrs Mistake vs. Play-Action - Safety Must Get Over Top of #2 on Wheel.
4.  Quarters Mistake - Flat Player Lost Outside Leverage
5.  Qtrs - Mike Mistake - Not Getting Enough Depth
6.  Qtrs - Mike Mistake - Slow Pass Read
7.  6 Read - Boundary CB Takes #2 to Flat
8.  6 Read Mistake - Boundary CB Cannot Let WR Release Outside, FS is Too Slow to
    Jump #1 When #2 Goes to Flat
9.  Cover 6 - Boundary Safety Play
10.  Cover 2 Safety Mistake
11.  Cover 2 LB Coverage
12.  Cover 2 - Mike Mistake - Not Getting to Middle of Field vs. #3
13.  Quarters Mistake - Flat Player Lost Outside Leverage
14.  Cover 2 CB Play
15.  Cover 2 LB Play - Rally to the Ball
16.  Cover 3 - FS Mistake
17.  Cover 3 Mistake - No Flat Player to Field Side
18.  Man Coverage - Vulnerable to QB Scramble
19.  Tampa 2
20.  Field 8 Sky - Quarters - to Field, Man - to Boundary
21.  Quarters Change-Up
22.  Don't Leave WRs Uncovered

This is the last article on Defending the Oregon Spread with the 4-3 Defense.  Wednesday morning, January 12th  will start the six-part series on Defending the Flexbone with the 4-3 Defense.  The Saturday posts will go up after lunch time, so each post will get three and a half days on the blog.  I 've been hyping this thing for a while because it is really going to be good!  There will be some tremendous guest writers who will contribute to this series.  I will reveal my dream team staff of defensive coaches one at a time with each post.

4-3 vs. the Flexbone - Schedule of Posts
Wed. January 12 - DT Play
Sat. January 15 - DE Play
Wed. January 19 - Mike Play
Sat. January 22 - OLB Play
Wed. January 26 - FS/SS Play
Sat. January 29 - CB Play

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