Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bill Walsh

Michael Silver of said this, "It was Walsh, after all, who not only revolutionized football strategy with the West Coast Offense, but who also created the organizational blueprint for the modern franchise, from the down-to-the-precise-minute daily schedule to the filming of practices and play-installation meetings."  The number of coaches who arose from the Walsh lineage is a testament to his greatness. 

Also, check this book out: Bill Walsh's Finding the Winning Edge.  It is probably the best football coaching book ever written.  I understand it is now hard-to-find, but it is worth the price if you can find a copy.  Here is the Bill Walsh coaching tree:

More Bill Walsh stuff: Bill Walsh siteBe sure to take the Test.


  1. has a copy of Bill Walsh's book Finding the Winning Edge online for free if you can access that. If you have trouble accessing it then you might be able to go to your local university or college and access NetLibrary through their library.

  2. Dustin, thanks for that information.