This is some of the best new technology I have found.


This program gives you 2 GB of free online storage with the chance to get 250 MB more with each referral.  It helps to synchronize your files when you work on them from home or at work and it keeps track of the most recent version.  If you make a mistake, it also lets you go back to earlier versions of the file.  You also get an extra 250 MB of storage by using this link to sign up:      

Animoto     Animoto lets you make incredible-looking slideshows and videos from your pictures and video files.  All you have to do is upload the pics and it does all the work.  If you're not an educator, you can use this link:

Picasa     This program also lets you make simple slideshows from your pictures (although not near as fancy as Animoto).  I like it for the free storage of 1 GB to back up all my pictures.  Also, it easily makes collages from multiple pictures.

Divshare     This website gives you 5 GB of free online storage of video and audio files.  You can then embed these video and audio files on the Internet.  The video quality is not the best, but it is great for audio files.

KeepVid     See a YouTube you like?  You can save it to your computer with this website.  You can add a "Keep It!" button to your toolbar and then keep any video you want.

Digital FAQ     Good website on digital video: converting vhs tapes to dvds, video editing, and more.  They are real good about answering questions in the Forum section, too.

Freeplay Music                      If you need music for any video projects, go here.

This Is Where They Die.wma       This is a sound clip I made from the 300 movie using an audio editing program called Mixcraft.