Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The Follow concept is one of the primary passing concepts of the Urban Meyer and Dan Mullen Florida Spread Offense (the others being H Option, Follow PivotHouston, and Bullets).  It is primarily ran out of Empty and it is an easy play for the QB in the Spread Offense to execute.

Below are diagrams of the "Dig" concepts used by Meyer and Mullen at Florida:

Monday, August 6, 2012

H Option

The Florida Spread Offense that won two national championships under current Ohio State HC Urban Meyer and former OC, now Mississippi St. HC, Dan Mullen utilized five primary pass concepts: H Option, Follow, Follow Pivot, Houston, and Bullets.  My guest writer has already talked about Follow Pivot and Houston, and I will talk about the play that Meyer and Mullen made famous: H Option.

H Option is a play designed to get the ball into the hands of the offense's most dynamic playmaker.  First it was Paris Warren at Utah, and then at Florida it was Percy Harvin, after whom the position was commonly referred to as the "Percy Position."  It is the football equivalent to the basketball play where everybody spreads the court and gets out of the way to let your best player take his guy 1 on 1.