Monday, November 14, 2011

RB Stiff Arm Drill

The Stiff-Arm is a violent weapon that RBs of all sizes can use to attack defenders and gain a leverage advantage.  It is similar to the Boom in the Boom Drill in that both techniques use the hand that is not carrying the football, but the Stiff-Arm is more of a long-distance weapon to keep a defender away from the body.  The Stiff-Arm Drill in the video emphasizes an upward motion with the heel of the hand, but it can be a downward punch to a defender trying to hold on, as well, as LaDainian Tomlinson illustrates above.  Hall-of-Fame RB Jim Brown describes it in this excellent article on the Stiff Arm: "If the person is not up on you, you can actually extend your arm fully and sometimes if he is coming low, you can put your hand, the stiff-arm, on top of his head." 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RB Spin Drill

One of the top RB drills that my players most like to practice and use is the Spin Drill.  One man simulates a defender who over-pursues just a bit and then the RB spins inside him.  Players are really able to tighten up their spin by doing this drill and are able to execute the Spin move with confidence in game situations.  It is also important to emphasize that the RB secure the ball tightly to his body just in case a defender hits him in his "blind spot" as he spins in the opposite direction.  Here it is: