Sunday, July 18, 2010

John Wooden

A salute to John Wooden, the greatest coach of this era.  He showed us what success really is and that coaching is not screaming and yelling--it's about preparation and caring for your players to get the most out of them.

“Try your hardest in all ways and you are a success.  Period.  Do less than that and you have failed in one degree or another.”

“The ten national titles provided no additional peace of mind nor sense of validation of my efforts as a coach.  That I already had.  I had succeeded long before I was called a success." 

“You must have respect, which is a part of love, for those under your supervision.  Then they will do what you ask and more.  They'll go the extra distance, make the extra effort in trying to accomplish the most they can within the framework of the team."

Bill Walsh

Michael Silver of said this, "It was Walsh, after all, who not only revolutionized football strategy with the West Coast Offense, but who also created the organizational blueprint for the modern franchise, from the down-to-the-precise-minute daily schedule to the filming of practices and play-installation meetings."  The number of coaches who arose from the Walsh lineage is a testament to his greatness. 

Also, check this book out: Bill Walsh's Finding the Winning Edge.  It is probably the best football coaching book ever written.  I understand it is now hard-to-find, but it is worth the price if you can find a copy.
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Bill Walsh Coaching Tree.

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Video Trading Guidelines

If you are trading videos, make sure to verify some information just before you make the trade official.  

If game cut-ups, make sure exactly what cut-ups you are getting: Offense, Defense, and Special Teams, or just one side of the ball?  Also, it is a good idea to set an agreed upon date to send off the videos.  Make sure to communicate if you are unable to send off your video at the agreed upon time.  Stuff happens, but if you are too busy to send out a video, it is best to wait before making a trade.

I and several other coaches have attempted to trade videos with a Mr. O'Reilly, "oguru," but have never received a video back from him even after multiple requests.  Anyways, just a heads up.
Update from 10/22/09 - After a year and a half, I finally received my video from Mr. O'Reilly.